Elite Apartments’ range of activities is closely related to short and long term rental. On the beginning stage we consult about a configuration which may be suitable for certain property. The rental service includes the complex of actions leading to increase a profit obtained from running a rental business.

Starting from the moment before rental apartment we take care of next tasks:

- a home staging;

- a professional photo session;

- an introduction process of getting an offer to Market (Internet page, profile of your property                                                                                                         on the domestic and foreign reservation portals, affiliate packages);

- a provision of cosmetics, bedding and towels (our cooperation with a laundry company).

Additionally, our stuff takes care of cleaning and technical condition of your property, also we provide client service at check in to and check out process from the apartments. In a case of short-term rental, we conduct commission settlements. Long-term rental service requires individual pricing depending on an amount and a length of renting.

In a case of further questions or willingness to cooperate, you are welcome to call us or send e-mail request to

We cooperate with the most dynamic portals all around the World, just because we care about our clients’ comfort in making reservations. Clients have the fastest and the most effective access to all our properties. Incessantly we work on our development and try to make our rental offer more effective and be better off.

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