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Welcome to Elite Apartments!

My name is Paulina Kozłowska. For several years I have been dealing with renting apartments and property management. During my career I have been working with clients in almost every area starting with cleaning apartments that leaded me to the position such as the owner of my Elite Apartments.

In July 2016, based on the long-term experience and practicing with solving different types of problems including property management, I decided to create Elite Apartments brand.

The main motto of our company is individual approach to a customer. So whether you are with us to meet, eat, mingle or mellow out, you will find Elite Apartments intuitive, entertaining and inspiring.

We assist our clients in the every stage concerning choosing certain property, purchasing, furnishing and choosing the right business model for a property.

An adaption the property for renting is our main goal, with our help your renting profits will be maximized on the highest possible level.

The whole  year we deal with short and long term renting with the main operation in centrum of Gdansk.

Paulina Kozlowska – the founder.

People are the most important for us. We care about customers' comfort and convenience, that is why our team was chosen with a special treatment.



Basia is a officer supervisor; she treats the company like her own. Our clients give her big respect for her kindness, welcoming and responsibility. Her main specialization is home staging and professional preparation of apartments for photo session.

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Karolina is our content manager of all types of social media. Her work is always based on professionality and taking care of every detail. Thanks for her great work the published content is valuable and all commas find their right place. It is only because of her talent you are always aware what is happening in Elite!


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Denis is our general manager, who treats his work like a life challenge, so you cannot find any task that can be beyond his strengths. His head almost explodes from ideas that his ambitiousness generates. He is always ready to solve any problem and do it in the blink of an eye.



Asia is an important member of the Customer Service Center. You can never find such energetic and cheerful person as Asia. She can chase away any clouds and attract the sun with her own smile. That is why she is capable to take care of all our clients. 



Mariusz is our the one employee who is responsible for impossible tasks which can be possible and fixed with his golden hands. We are always safe and have no worries when Mariusz is on duty. Our stuff and clients can always rely on him in even the worst situations.

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Galina is a manager of Customer Service Cener, who is a great person gifted with a warm and mother’s heart character. Exactly for this side of character we so love her!



Daniel is responsible for the Customer Service Center. He never forgets even about the smallest thing of his duties. With his charming character our clients can feel enjoyable and safe, and for us he is a very reliable and valuable employee.




Nikita is our youngest member of our team. He is very responsible employee and knows his job well in Customer Service Center. In addition he is reliable, helpful and hard-working person, we always can count on him.